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Granat: Dukung Jaksa Kasasi, KY Periksa Hakim

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Bandarlampung,-Free verdict on the case of alleged possession of 92 kg of methamphetamine with the defendant MS along with two other people RH and NZ (29) who had previously been sentenced to death by the panel of judges at a separate trial held May 27, 2022 before, leaving the mark big in public.

The head of the DPC GRANAT City of Bandar Lampung as well as the Legal and Advocacy Team for the DPD GRANAT of Lampung Province, Gindha Ansori Wayka said, simply put, that there would be no different decisions (verdicts) on the same case, because such conditions would create a sense of justice for the community. exalted in a rule of law becomes an injury.

With the acquittal of the defendant MS, the community’s sense of justice has been cut because it is suspected that there is a different and real legal treatment in a criminal justice process in Indonesia, while so far the legal principle of equality before the law has been echoed.

Although the law places the principle of the presumption of innocence, in handling cases, law enforcement officers must still rationalize the conditions of legal events that occur.

With a verdict like this, of course the public will be wondering about the legal considerations taken by the judge on the case of Defendant MS, because the verdicts of 2 other co-defendants MS, namely RH and NZ, have previously been sentenced to death, so that the acquittal of Defendant MS has a very different verdict like earth with sky.

On this occasion, we who are members of the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (GRANAT) in Lampung, especially in the DPC Grenade Bandar Lampung City support the Public Prosecutor (JPU) to take legal remedies in the form of Cassation to the Supreme Court to prove the charges and demands that have charged the defendant. guilty of committing a crime of trial or conspiracy without rights or against the law offering for sale, selling, buying, receiving, intermediary in buying and selling, exchanging, or delivering Narcotics Category I in the form of non-plants weighing more than 5 grams, in accordance with article 114 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics by imposing a prison sentence on Defendant MS with a death penalty and a fine of Rp. 10 billion.

With regard to the legal considerations in the verdict of the Class IA Tanjungkarang District Court Judge, namely Judiciary, stating that the Defendant Muhammad Sulton was not proven guilty of committing a crime as charged in the First alternative indictment, or the second alternative indictment, the Public Prosecutor, released the Defendant from the indictment, recovered the defendant’s rights in terms of his ability, position, dignity and worth, for this verdict it is necessary to examine the judge who hears and decides the case.

On this occasion, GRANAT urges the Judicial Commission (KY) of the Republic of Indonesia to immediately supervise and examine the judge who handled and gave the verdict in the case because according to the public this verdict was suspected to be odd and could foster and foster drug abuse and illicit trafficking in the archipelago. (*)

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